STC Group includes both a public and a private division. In the public domain STC Group offers preparatory vocational education (vmbo), senior secondary vocational education (mbo) and higher professional education (hbo) under the Dutch system. In the private domain it offers accredited master’s-level courses (fulltime and part time), business courses, training and consultancy.

STC is rated highly by the government, the business community and students alike, and STC Group is the only education provider in the Netherlands to have been awarded the title of “Professional Shipping and Logistics Institution” from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Preparatory vocational education (vmbo)

STC Group is a vertical educational institute. Our education starts with preparatory vocational education (vmbo). Under the banner of STC vmbo college, STC Group offers vmbo to approximately 1,000 pupils between the ages of 12 – 16.

STC Group’s vmbo section is the largest technical program of its kind in the Netherlands, offering a broad spectrum of courses related to shipping, shipbuilding/maritime technology, transport, processing and the port industry.

Senior secondary vocational education (mbo)

After vmbo, pupils can enroll in senior secondary vocational education (mbo). Approximately 6,000 students between the ages of 16 – 22 receive secondary vocational education (mbo) at STC mbo college and are prepared for a career in the shipping, transport and port industry. STC serves the entire maritime industry and related sectors, including the following categories: navigation, hydraulic engineering, fishery, offshore, inland navigation, ports, logistics, road transport, rail transport, aviation, ship and yacht building, and the processing industry. The courses are offered at several different sites located in Rotterdam, Brielle, Stellendam, Zwolle, and Katwijk in the Netherlands.

Higher professional education (hbo)

STC Group and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have partnered to be able to provide the best higher vocational education (hbo) courses in Rotterdam for shipping, shipbuilding, ports, logistics and the processing industry. They currently offer four excellent, fast-growing higher vocational courses under the name Rotterdam Mainport Institute of Applied Sciences (RMI).

Master’s degree courses

Founded by STC Group, the Maritime and Logistics University of applied sciences (STC MLU-OAS) is a specialized educational institute established in 2007 to fulfill the need for management professionals in the maritime, logistics and transport sectors.

Training and education for professionals

In the private domain, STC Next provides corporate training and courses for companies, institutions and private individuals. In addition, STC Next also provides consultancy services and applied research for the shipping, port, logistics and transport industries and the port-industrial complex.