STC Group is an educational and research institution for the shipping, logistics, transport and process industries. The organization’s headquarters is located in mainport Rotterdam.

Only few industries are as internationally oriented as the industries in which STC Group operate. Therefore, its activities are not limited to the Netherlands. Through STC International, STC Group operates in numerous international branch offices. The STC International has stakes in several international companies, which provides corporate training and courses for companies, institutions and private individuals. STC Group has branch offices in South Africa, Oman, Vietnam (also Tancang – STC) and the Philippines. Furthermore, STC Group participates in activities in Kazakhstan and Colombia. 

Port Management Program
Port development and port management are subject to major challenges. Ports continuously need adjustments due to rapidly changing market dynamics.

Challenges such as how to make plans about the future port infrastructure, and how to meet the needs of a country without jeopardizing the current port activity, play a significant role in this course. These are issues which governments, port authorities, and port operators increasingly have to contend with on a daily basis. These challenges require port professionals with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the complex dynamics of the port industry. The Port Management Program offers attendees the understanding and analytical mind-set needed to confront these challenges.

During a multiple-day training program attending professionals learn about the main aspect of world class port management. Themes like port planning and development, stakeholder management and port commercial business will be extensively discussed. The program ends with an interactive port simulation game “Port Constructor”.

The Port Management Program is scheduled from 15th up to and including 19th of October 2018 and requires a minimum of 20 participants. The course fee is € 3.500. If you are interested to participate in this year’s program, apply at the Port of Rotterdam website. Click here to be fowarded to the application form.

More information
For more information please contact Sander Wubbolts, via or phone +31 (0) 10 446 60 32.

The Port Management Program  is provided by STC International and Port of Rotterdam.