Mission and vision

Mission and vision | STC GroupWhile hearing and seeing leads to fleeting and temporary knowledge, doing and experiencing is what makes the difference in acquiring the right skills. STC Group is convinced that this approach works best. Employees are only properly trained once they have attained the right combination of knowledge, skills and appropriate behaviour. Therefore, STC Group invests significantly in the development of knowledge that can be applied directly into our education.

With passion for our own craft, we educate (future) professionals. In our practical labs and (full mission) simulators students are given the opportunity to acquire substantial relevant experience in a professional environment. Our approach is characterized by practice, focus on technology and quality and a continuous commitment to improvement. By doing so, we offer a challenging but balanced environment for colleagues, students and course participants.

Strategic plan

In the coming decades, STC Group also wants to help young people find their way in the international employment market. This is a challenging ambition in a fast-changing world. How we will achieve this, we wrote down in this strategic plan.